(video) 26 Year Old Russian killed in Moscow after crashing a Maserati


Maserati Crash in Russia ends in Fatality 


Overview: Maserati Crash

A crash in Moscow results in the Death of 26 year old businessman. This fatal accident ended the life of Arthur M, he was pronounced dead on the scene, the passenger survived.

The $110,000 Maserati burst into flames after crashing into a metal lamppost, furthermore the crash was next to a busy highway.

Also the crash happened near the Rostovskaya Embankment, near central Moscow.

“His death was almost instant, coming as a result of an open head wound,” reported a local media source. Furthermore the driver had racked up 20 speeding tickets in the past two years so it was only a matter of time before it all caught up to him.

Clips of this tragedy made their way online shortly after the crash. Just remember to always be careful guys, this is just a waste of a life right here.

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Maserati Crash

The car from another drivers point of view in flames and the aftermath. 


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