The World’s First Flying Car From Eastern European Company Aeromobil

Worlds First Flying Car

First Flying Car


Overview: Aeromobil Flying Car

The future is now and it’s coming from Slovakia! Introducing the world’s first flying vehicle from eastern European manufacturer, Aeromobil.

This car has been underworks for many years and it will finally debut at Top Marques Monaco, one of the greatest car events. This event will be held later this month and all eyes will certainly be on this very special car from the future.

April 20th is the exact date for the release of this 2 seater.

Furthermore, “Aeromobil aims to make personal transportation vastly more efficient and environmentally friendly by allowing significantly faster door-to-door travel for medium distance trips and in areas with limited or missing road infrastructure.”

Many companies have tried to make their way into the flying vehicle market and all have failed, until now.

About the company…….

“AeroMobil is an advanced engineering company that is commercializing a sophisticated flying car, combining a luxury sports car and a light aircraft in a single vehicle”.

More information such as specs, price and engineering for this awesome vehicle will be on display in Monaco. Pre orders will also take place sometime this year, as this car will be coming out soon.

Looking at the renders, it’s clearly a car and plane hybrid, not the sort of flying cars we imagined. But atleast it’s a start.

This new flying car also meets all regulations for modern vehicles, claims Aeromobil. This is the second time Aeromobil showcase their flying vehicle. The first instance was in Austria and Aeromobil claim there have been hundreds of improvements over the first prototype.

Uber also plans to get in on the flying car scene, there are reports of them hiring Nasa scientists. Let’s see how self-flying cars pan out for them, as their self driving cars mission has come to a halt due to some complications.

Aeromobil Flying Car

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