2018 Jaguar F Type Will Have a Tiny 4 Cylinder Producing 296 HP!

Jaguar F Type 4 Cylinder

New Jaguar F Type to have a 4 cylinder

Overview: 2018 Jaguar F Type

Who would have thought we would see a 4 cylinder F Type, I mean, I know everyone is down sizing, but holy. This 4 banger was revealed Wednesday at the 2017 New York Auto Show, and it’s the newest addition to the F Type family.

With this 4 cylinder, Jaguar have covered all basis, engine wise at least, all they need is a electric version. This new model is a 2018 car and it will come with a pricetag of $60,900.

The performance……

The little 4 cylinder has got a bite to back up the ferocious looks. The 2.0L turbocharged engine is capable 296 horsepower and 295 lb of torque, the new Range Rover Velar will also have the same engine. Furthermore, this new engine replaces the old 2.0L turbo, which was in the F Pace, XE and the XF.

Back to the F type now, this new model is capable of 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds and top speed 155mph. Pretty nippy performance for this 4 cylinder. The new model is 115 pounds (55 kg) lighter than the V6 due to engine size mostly and it is similar in performance at a lower price. The 0-60mph is very similar to the V6 and top speed is only 8 shy of the V6 compared to the V6 . The sales of the V6 will certainly diminish, unless the new model sounds crap….. Thankfully Jaguar guarantee a “meticulously tuned intake and exhaust”.

It’s only offered in a rwd configuration which is mated to a 8 speed automatic transmission.

The new engine is also a lot more fuel efficient than the V6, given the fact it’s a smaller engine. Up to 16% improved fuel efficiency to be exact.

NOOOPEEE I LIED, the sales of the V6 will survive. The V6 will also be getting a refresher with the 400 horsepower model, known as the F Type 400 Sport.

Body and Styling

There are some minor exterior and interior changes for the 2018 Jaguar F Type. Lighter seats, new LED headlights and slightly different mirrors. For the most part it’s still as gorgeous as the other models, after all it pretty much identical to any other Jaguar F type.


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